Monday, May 16, 2011


I received this note from a parent last week.  As I read it, and of course shed a few tears, I found myself looking at my Sprouts, and reflecting on all that they have achieved.  It seems as if just yesterday they were walking in to my classroom, bright eyed, curious, and full of wonder.  I can remember thinking, “This group is going to keep me on my toes!”  Oh my, I was so correct!
I have several Sprouts this year that had never attended any type of formal pre-k program.  I have two Sprouts that had no idea how to hold scissors, more less cut with them.  Oh, and the “drippy” glue as we call it!  What a mess we had the first several days!  How quickly they learn the “drippy” glue chat.  “When we use drippy glue, remember, a little dot will do!”  
I have two Sprouts who started the year never smiling, never saying a word, and always withdrawn.  They are both smiling, and laughing all day long now.  Success!  I have one little guy that cried every time he made even the smallest mistake.  He now understands that it is okay to make a mistake, as long as he is doing his best!  Success!  I have one Sprout that cried off and on all day.  Anytime she had to be separated from me, she would cry.  She still cries every once in a while, but usually, can now calm down with just a hug.  Again, success.  Two Sprouts came to me with no social skills what so ever, and because of this, no one wanted to play with them.  They were always the last two to be picked for anything.  Today, they were the first two to be chosen.  Success!  One Sprout had no idea how to play with others on the playground.  He was always pushing, shoving, and hitting at recess.  Thus, it seemed that he was in trouble at recess all the time.  All he wanted to do was play, but had to learn how to play, before he could play.  Now, he is never in trouble at recess and has many friends.  Success!
Yes, all my Sprouts know their ABC’s, their numbers, how to read, how to add, how to tell time, count money, and the list goes on.  I found that they were more curious about school life today than they were last week.  With that being said, I know I have done my job, I have helped them go from being Sprouts to being in Full Bloom!  I am so proud of each and every Sprout in my class this year, because yes, our year was a huge SUCCESS….in many ways!

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  1. Wow, what an incredible year it has been for you. You must feel so blessed each day to live out your passion and your dream and spread your enthusiasm for learning to the next generation. Thanks for all that you do.