Monday, February 7, 2011

D is for Dog

As I sit at my desk last Friday trying to think of a new and exciting way to introduce the letter "Dd," I thought of a book I received last year as an end of the year teacher gift.  I remembered reading the book to last year's sprouts, and how funny they thought it was.  So I begin to wonder how I could incorporate it in to my lesson by doing more than just reading it to them.  I always introduce the letter of the week with what my fellow kindergarten teachers and I call the "feelie" bag.  Today insteatd of introducing "Dd" with only the "feelie" bag, I told my sprouts that I wanted to read a funny book to them.  I also told them that I wanted them to listen very closely because they might be able to figure out our new letter for the week. They were to give me a thumbs up if/when they figured out what our new letter might be. As I read, I watched their faces for reaction, all the while wondering if they understood what I was wanting from them.  They laughed, the listened, and slowly thumbs started to lift!  I was excited and could hardly wait until I was finished reading.  They were getting it!  As I finished the story, I could tell it was all they could do to NOT blurt their answer out.  I called on a few with their thumbs up; they all said that they thought our new letter was "Dd!"  Before telling them they were correct, I passed the "feelie" bag around so all could feel.  Then as I slowly pulled my "Dd" items from the bag they all began to clap!  They were so excited that they had guessed correctly after listening to me read DOGGONE DOGS, written by Karen Beaumont.  In closing, I guess I have to say, I am glad I added a new element to my weekly letter introduction, but now the heat is on to find books for each new letter I introduce!

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